We are SO excited about our first local Dream + Do Rally coming up next week!

If you want to pursue God given dreams, use your unique passions to make income & impact, and build community with fellow dream chasing moms then this FREE event is for you!  It will be in Franklin, TN on Thursday August 17th.

For our first event I will be sharing about the vision for these monthly gatherings, some of my story, as well as some practical insights on how to go from day dreamer to dreamer + doer!

I’ve also invited 2 sweet friends that are both accomplished and amazing mom entrepreneurs to join me on a panel for an “Ask us Anything” Q & A time… so come ready with your most pressing business Q’s.  🙂  We are looking forward to offering any helpful advice and practical how-to’s we can!

Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom

Kristin Kaplan of Stunning Events Nashville

There will also be sweet treats provided by one of our business spotlight sponsors: Come as You are Cakes

As well as some great Raffle Prizes from our other business sponsors: Franklin Fit4Mom, Brienna Blair of the Upper Room Salon, and Come As You Are Cakes.

The event is FREE, but capacity is limited; so be sure to RSVP HERE!

If you are not local to the Nashville, TN area, but would like to enjoy the event, head over to our Rise + Rally Community on FB, where we will stream the event LIVE!



My Twenty Three Year Old Why // BUILD

In the last post I gave an overview on the difference between and brand and a business.  If you didn’t get to read that, go there first; then come on back here. 🙂

Have you heard people talking about “Your WHY?”  It seems to be a bit of a buzz in the female entrepreneur realm right now.  Well, it’s important…that’s why.  lol.

When I set out to start my first business at the ripe age of 23 my initial WHY was:  Because I love taking pictures and I can make money doing it.  Let me tell you, if that was the extent of my why, I would have ducked out about a year into it when I was drowning in photoshop tutorials, articles about “how to customize a blog footer”, and a rather thick stack of receipts/bills/paperwork that hadn’t been attended to yet.  For a “photography” business, I wasn’t doing as much photography as I was office and computer work! ugh.

But as I shared in my story, 2 years into marriage we were unexpectedly pregnant.  A few months after our son was born my “side gig” turned “main gig” because we faced tragic health situations on both sides of our families, effectively taking my mom and mother-in-law out of my full time job, child care rotation.   So my WHY suddenly became a lot deeper then, “I’m good at it.”

Ultimately, giving all our kids the best life we possibly can… one that’s full of adventure, deep relationships, and service to those around us, is our why, and it drives us to keep pushing no matter how in over ours heads we may feel at times.

Pursuing big scary dreams, stepping out to become an entrepreneur, and then building a sustainable business/non-profit/movement is HARD work.  A LOT of HARD work… But absolutely worth it.

But back to the WHY… and what the heck does this post have to do with your brand!?!  Well, knowing and “selling” your WHY is a huge part of building a great brand!  Your WHY isn’t only an internal thing for you that will keep you moving forward, it’s also a tool you can, and should, use to connect with your customers/clients.  People do business with people, not companies.

To read a bit more about this, and 2 other big keys to building an irresistible brand, grab the FREE Download below!