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We are SO excited about our first local Dream + Do Rally coming up next week! If you want to pursue God given dreams, use your unique passions to make income & impact, and build community with fellow dream chasing moms then this FREE event is for you!  It will be in Franklin, TN on Thursday August […]

In the last post I gave an overview on the difference between and brand and a business.  If you didn’t get to read that, go there first; then come on back here. 🙂 Have you heard people talking about “Your WHY?”  It seems to be a bit of a buzz in the female entrepreneur realm […]

  A Business or Brand?  How do you view what you do? When you think of the word “branding” what comes to mind?  Logo, colors, fonts, and cute little design elements?  If that is the extent of your company’s “branding” you likely… –struggle to consistently get “ideal” clients/customers– eager to spend money with you. –Aimlessly […]

Do you ever find yourself staring at the clock at 4:55 and asking: “What did I actually get done today?”, or “Geez, how did I get so little done today?”  It’s easy for feelings of frustration, defeat, and self-criticism to come rushing in when you feel like you barely made a dent in your to-do […]

Are you a Mama dreaming about starting your own business?  Maybe you’ve recently taken the leap, and things are off and running?  Or, maybe you are experiencing a period of growth with your business and need to get things more systemized and optimized?  Then you are in the right place, my friend!  No matter which […]

Do any of these mental battles ring true for you… Critic vs. Confident? Comparison vs. Creation? Perfect vs. Done? If you are taking the leap to pursue a dream and start a business, you will assuredly have people in your life that see the vision and encourage your goals/dreams, and others who, well…won’t.  And that’s OK!  […]