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A Business or Brand?  How do you view what you do?

When you think of the word “branding” what comes to mind?  Logo, colors, fonts, and cute little design elements?  If that is the extent of your company’s “branding” you likely…

struggle to consistently get “ideal” clients/customers– eager to spend money with you.

Aimlessly “re-brand” based on the current trends/fads/styles, and/or what others around you are doing.

Have a message out in the marketplace that isn’t clear and focused enough, maybe even confusing, and therefore probably not reaching your ideal customers.

Work way too hard for each sale, and end up under paid and under appreciated for the skills and talents you offer! 

All this is because you may have been misinformed about what “branding” really is.

Here’s the difference between a BUSINESS (with a logo, and color & font schemes) and a BRAND…

A business is an entity that makes/sells goods, and/or provides services for money, ie: engaging in commerce.

A Brand is a compilation of images, copy (words), and perceptions that distinguish your product/service from your competitors?  In other words… The promise of what will be experienced by and delivered to your customer.

See the difference?  It’s the total package!

Clarifying who you are as a BRAND, not just a business will be the engine that drives your business exactly where you want it go!

Imagine having those ready to buy, ideal customers every time… you know- the ones that are super easy and fun to work with, trust you explicitly, and are ready to pay you the $$$ that you are worth?  Yes, those customers! 

Remember this: Good branding makes the company feel understood; GREAT branding makes the customer feel understood.

Your branding is the primary way you connect with your customer, and when your ideal/target customer feels heard and understood, they are eager to buy!   Recently, I came across a video for a company that I have used for a few years now- chatbooks.  I think they nail it on the head for making their customer feel understood.   Plus it’s just hilarious, and so spot on to my life… well add in 2 more kids… but who’s counting!?!

So what makes you/your business unique?  Take a few minutes to jot down some thoughts on that; write it nice and big and post in up in your office.  These will be important things that you will want to highlight in your branding/marketing efforts.

Whether you think your brand could use a little spruce up or possibly a huge makeover, our FREE brand inventory quiz is a great place to start to see where your business is at along the path to becoming a cohesive money making brand! 

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