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Are you a Mama dreaming about starting your own business?  Maybe you’ve recently taken the leap, and things are off and running?  Or, maybe you are experiencing a period of growth with your business and need to get things more systemized and optimized?  Then you are in the right place, my friend! 

No matter which of those stages you find yourself in, I’m willing to guess your plate is FULL.  And if your life is anything like mine, FULL is probably an understatement.   On any given day you’ve got toddlers to chase, booties to wipe, kids to taxi around, homework to help with, meals to make, errands to run, bills to pay, a house to clean, and oh yeah… a business to run too. 🙂

All of this can be overwhelming without running a business… then add one into the mix, and holy hot mess! 

I know exactly what that place feels like… anxiety attacks, stress headaches, constant exhaustion, being pulled in 10 different directions, and constantly feeling like a failure because I’m not doing any of my roles as well as I’d like- and then there’s that aching guilt for even wanting to pursue a business in the first place…

Let me bring you in on my beginnings as a “mompreneur”…

January 1st, 2006 I started my first business- I was a professional photographer.  And then about 2 weeks later, I found out about my first (and very unplanned, I might add) pregnancy.  Oh, and we also bought a condo that year that required an extensive, 3 month renovation.  My husband Derek worked full time, as did I, and my intent was to start this business with my “spare time”- haha. 

Shortly after our son was born later that year, we had a couple of major family tragedies that absolutely rocked our long term plans.  After about 5-6 months of trying to keep up…  sleep deprived, working full time with newborn in tow, dealing with family crises, and having some random, crazy pregnancy/delivery induced health issues myself… I had to leave my full time job, which is what pushed me head first into growing the photography business.  

By February of 09, the business had grown to a tipping point: Now, the first few years of business building were pretty gnarly, and included ALL of the feelings and tensions I mentioned earlier.  And we now had two kids under 3, and we could barely stay afloat with our workload.   I mean, how do you work around the edges when there are no edges?  After a lot of prayer and soul searching, Derek (who had already been shooting, and helping with other parts of the biz) and I decided that him quitting his job and coming into the business full time was the right path for our family.  Two kids, the Great Recession, and self-employment- I mean, what could go wrong?  🙂

Again, we faced the lost sleep, anxiety attacks, and “Oh my gosh, what were we thinking?!?” moments.  The barely paying the bills months, up all nighters, and caffeine overloaded trial and error hustle became our norm.   I say this from a place of intimate experience… starting a business is NOT for the faint of heart, and doing it as your full time income can be just plain crazy at times!   

BUT, we knew what was in our hearts, and we knew we had to commit ALL IN.  So, through a lot praying and leaning in, we became disciplined at pushing through the fear and doubts– OK, maybe it was more like fingers in our ears, “nah, nah, nah, we’re not listening…”,  but we committed to constantly improving…to researching, learning, and then implementing the best strategies and systems that would help us grow quickly.

Fast forward to the present, we have a few more kiddos… 5 to be exact! yep. FIVE. (More stories for another time!)  We’ve also moved our family across the country and have “re-built” the business in a new state.  We’ve been entrepreneurs for over a decade, and we love it!  

It can still be stressful and overwhelming at times.. complete with the occasional anxiety attack, rough financial month, and caffeinated all nighter… but it is exciting, rewarding, and let’s us build the life we want for our family, on our terms!

And I’m guessing that’s a reason why you decided to pursue this entrepreneurial thing too…

You are a busy mama that wants to be present and devoted to your family, actively contributing to bettering their lives… but you also want to chase your dreams, model bravery for your children, create something of value in this world, and bring freedom to your life… AND YOU SHOULD.  

GO. FOR. IT.  

And you won’t have to go it alone… this is where I come in…  I am here to make your business, my business.  

YOUR dreams.  YOUR growth.  YOUR success.

You, my friend, are a rockstar in my books, and I am here to be a coach on the sidelines and your biggest cheerleader!

I’ve started Rise and Rally to help busy mamas build businesses AND family lives that thrive– to grow a business that is profitable, fulfilling, and doesn’t run your life, while creating a personal and family life you LOVE!

Derek and I love to teach, encourage, and share what we have experienced and know; we’ve been in the trenches and would love to keep you out of them, so that you have MORE time for the things you are passionate about doing!  

Rise and Rally’s vision is to provide you with “work smarter not harder” strategies so you can say buh-bye to hours upon hours of googling….”how to xyz…”, only to get lost in the weeds with 28 tabs of articles open, softwares, tutorials, and programs that might not even be what you actually need in the end!   

We’ve done the heavy lifting, and we value practical, easy to understand, action-oriented, and efficiency based solutions… so that is what we will bring to you!

Let’s get your business rockin so you can get back to playing legos, riding bikes, baking cookies, and shoot… maybe even relaxing in a bath with a book and some wine. 🙂

I look forward to serving you!

Cheering you on, 

Sarah (& Derek)

PS- Pop in the comments and tell me what kind of biz you have, and what 1 area of biz do you most want help with right now?



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